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"Their business model is a lot different than the others. They will actually give you the option of listing your home for 6 weeks and seeing if you can get a higher price than the guarantee. It’s up to you to choose." - Clark Howard

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Tina M. and her husband are getting ready to retire in just a few short years. So, they decided to downsize in the city (where they live during the week), and upsize on Lake Oconee (where they live on the weekends and plan to retire).

Tina M

Lake Oconee, GA
Foz S. is a working father, husband and an overall rockstar, who spent more than six months looking for a house near his office. He and his wife finally found one in the spring of 2017, and lo and behold, it turned out to be a Knock-certified property.

Foz S

Duluth, GA

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